SAP PPM Resource Round-Up – Week Two

SAP PPM Resource Round-Up

Ever prepared, we found some articles on welcoming new hires into the company, productivity hacks and learned a bit about design thinking.

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Are you creating a media plan? Here are 7 tactics that will help: – #sap #ppm

Everybody wants more customers. Here’s how 13 successful companies fought for their first customers –

Productivity Hacks – Here’s 10 more. We are always doing #9 but in a very non-traditional way: – There was a season when the middle of the night was the most productive time to work. Now, not so much. 🙂

“It’s all doing goal-directed, regimented stuff.” – Super insightful revelations – One year without the internet.

Incredible tips from a seasoned pro for welcoming a new hire into your company:

Along with a previous mention this week, here’s a more in-depth tutorial for #designthinking –