What is PPM?

Project Portfolio Management aligns projects with corporate strategy, thereby enabling a company to prioritise their portfolio, thus allowing the effective allocation of resources to projects and therefore improving delivery.

It involves analyzing and optimizing costs, resources, technologies, and processes for all projects and programs within a portfolio.

Where does iPPM come in?

Integrated Project Portfolio Management (iPPM) is a suite of the best practice PPM process, organisational change management and technical enhancements based on the SAP Project Portfolio Management framework.

iPPM provides customers with an award winning structured approach to understanding and adopting PPM

iPPM Will Help You...

Manage Active Projects in your business.

Keep your projects aligned to your strategy.

Be aware of inevitable project delays.

Visually analyze the risk failure of projects

Enable easy reporting of budget tracking

Okay, I'm Interested...

But how do I get iPPM?

You can begin the ordering process by contacting us at: