Reference class forecasting

  • June 17th, 2015

Reference class forecasting, or comparison class forecasting, is the method of predicting the future, through looking at similar past situations and their outcomes.1 I ran across the term Reference class forecasting while reading the article Your IT Project May Be Riskier Than You Think by Bent Flyvbjerg & Alexander Budzier on Harvard Business Review. Reference […]

Core Objectives of PPM

  • October 20th, 2014

Maximisation of value by selecting projects offering the greatest value and effectively allocating resources to these projects. Achieving balance by ensuring the appropriate mix of projects is selected. For example, high and low risk projects as well as long term and short-term projects. Strategic alignment ensuring that individual projects contribute to the overall business strategy. […]

The 10 Best PPM Conferences to Attend

  • August 11th, 2014
10 Best PPM Conferences

We are always looking to be better – our customers deserve nothing but the best. Sometimes attending a conference can bring new understanding and so below is a list of what we consider the 10 Best PPM Conferences to Attend in the coming months.